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It’ll be no surprise when I say that 2020 changed everything. For me, my business, for British industry – and I daresay, for you too. But where some only saw challenges we saw an opportunity to rewrite some rules.

Hope and Story is an online destination for conscious consumers looking for British Made products and brands with ethics, sustainability and quality at their heart. However, we exist to be more than just a marketplace.

We aim to redefine ‘British Made’, support inspired makers and champion our community.

Betsy Vickery, Founder

What matters most to us

Our Values


We are totally open and transparent in all our dealings with both Partners and consumers.


We are open for business, new ideas and opportunities that will help our partners, industry and the British economy.


We’re proud of our makers and proud to uphold the reputation for quality that ‘British Made’ implies.


We get really excited when our makers have sustainability at their heart. We love things that are made to last.


We are here to support our community. We reinvest back into the business so we can assist collaborations and keep telling our maker’s stories.

Why British Made not Brit-ish?

Support local

Create job opportunities


Lower your carbon footprint

Give back

Boost local economies


Save essential skills


Preserve UK manufacturing

Fly the flag

Promote UK craftsmanship


Giving back

By purchasing from us you are also helping boost the UK economy.


It's not breaking news that outsourcing overseas has led to our overconsumption of products, and a lack of responsibility when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

The Hope and Story team are passionate about reinvigorating UK manufacture and industry, while bringing back lost skills and jobs to the UK (oh... and paying our taxes here too).

Source: Made In The UK Day 2021

Flying the flag

Did you know: If everyone here in Blighty bought just one item made in the uk worth £20 on made in uk day it would be worth £1.3bn!

Meeting the H+S Standard.

All our partners agree to adhere to and uphold these standards for all products. If a product doesn’t meet the Standard, it’s not listed. Simple.

Made in Britain: our definiton.

If the items are predominantly treated or manufactured in the UK, or the majority of their sustainable core materials originate from here, they meet the H+S standard.


UK design


UK components


UK manufacture