Wild Thyme Spirits

Wild Thyme Spirits

Wild Thyme Spirits is fast becoming the go-to destination for gin fans and island visitors alike, offering, not only, distillery tours and tastings, but also, luxury weekend breaks at their Gin Lover’s Retreat.

Owned and run by Eileen & Finlay Geekie who left over 30 years of Oxfordshire life behind them back in 2016 when they moved to the island to live and work. Since launching their first product – Colonsay Gin – they have gained listings in on and off-sales establishments in Scotland, the wider UK and online, as well as selling direct from the island through their own distillery & website shop.

The multi-international award-winning gin is made in small batches in a traditional copper still and is a London Dry style gin, classically juniper forward, but bottled at a slightly higher 47% ABV to accentuate the flavour profile. Best served with premium tonic as a G&T with a garnish of either a twist of orange zest or, for the more adventurous, a slice of green chilli.

Inspiration for the artisanal spirit is rooted in the island’s wild landscape and its mythical Celtic folklore. Legend has it that every Scottish estate possesses its own ‘Brownie’, a spirit that assists with household chores; the WTS HQ’s spirits are the mischievous Doughal and Ferghus, as depicted in the brand logo, and Alva, illustrated in the Mucha inspired, Art Nouveau-style bottle design. Alva is a red-haired maiden who was marooned on the unforgiving coastline and a taste of her indomitable Viking spirit is encapsulated in all her secret recipes, none more so than in the concomitant pepperiness and sweetness of Colonsay Gin.

Tucked away between the better-known islands of Islay and Mull, and nestling close to neighbouring Jura, Colonsay is just under a two-and-a-half-hour ferry journey from Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. The tiny island is quietly renowned for its tranquillity, exquisite sandy beaches, rare flora and fauna and abundance of wildlife. It is a treasured destination for those holiday cognoscente. In addition to producing international award-winning gin, the two entrepreneurs also offer a ‘Gin Lover’s Retreat’ weekend package which caters for small parties over a weekend, Friday to Sunday and allows guests to relax and unwind, forget about the stresses and strains of mainland life, take in the beautiful island scenery, marvel at the abundance of wildlife, enjoy some fabulous food, and, of course, sample gin from a collection of over 200 from around the world.

This burgeoning business has already contributed to the sustainability and ongoing development of the island economy and continues to support the local community wherever it can.

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Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Gin - Solas 40% ABV

£5.00 - £28.00

Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Vodka 40% ABV


Wild Thyme Spirits
3 x 10cl Colonsay Gin Presentation Pack


Wild Thyme Spirits
5 x 5cl Colonsay Gin Tasting Pack


Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Gin - Bramble Liqueur 20% ABV

£5.00 - £26.00

Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Gin - Tonn Mor 57% ABV

£5.00 - £50.00

Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Gin - Cait Sith 40% ABV

£5.00 - £42.00

Wild Thyme Spirits
Colonsay Gin 47% ABV

£5.00 - £45.00

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