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Velvet Gold

Ever been told that you don’t need to wear a bra, or have you ever had to shop in the teenage section for a bra that actually fits you because of your petite frame?

We started this brand so smaller, petite framed women could feel empowered within themselves when wearing gorgeous feminine lingerie. 


The only mission of our company is to make you feel amazing. 


Velvet Gold is a luxury lingerie brand that celebrates beautiful, small and delicate cups as well as gorgeous knickers. All of the lingerie is designed and handmade in the UK from deadstock fabric.


The sizes of the bras are 28-34 inclusive and A-D inclusive. We have chosen this size range as looking for a gorgeous, delicate, handmade bra in a size 28B is incredibly hard. Our aim is to elevate your everyday bra. 


The ideas behind Velvet Gold originated from the difficulty of finding gorgeous, delicate, sustainable small sized bras and knickers. Uniquely, we have been able to lovingly hand make Velvet Gold lingerie in the UK, with most companies seeking production outside the UK. 

All of our lingerie at Velvet Gold is made from deadstock fabric, so we are re-purposing unused designer fabric into luxury lingerie just for you. Not only does this mean that you are buying the best materials on the market, but you are helping to ensure that the fabric is not wasted nor contributes to landfill. Our packaging is made from FSC recycled cardboard and is also recyclable. 


The labels in the garments have also been made from deadstock ribbon and were made in the UK, again supporting other small UK businesses.


Our ethos is made by women, for women, to empower women. As we are using deadstock fabric we are bound to produce small runs of the garments, therefore once the lingerie is gone, it is gone.  

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Velvet Gold
The Clara - Pink Bra


Velvet Gold
The Mollie - Black Lace Bra


Velvet Gold
The Coco - Pink Lace Knickers


Velvet Gold
The Bonnie - Black Lace Knickers


Velvet Gold
The Margot - White Lace Bra


Velvet Gold
Embroided Lingerie Bag


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