Seldom Found

Seldom Found

Our ethics are on Sustainability. We feel a responsibility for the world we live in. We do not use plastics in our products or packaging and everything we use is carefully thought out for the approach of our design. We use eco-leather, brassware that lasts the course making it more eco-friendly for wastage and a simple design approach to last past seasonal trends.

Larger leather offcuts are used to make leather pots and smaller pieces are donated to a school for use in creative art projects.

We are in the process of looking further into sustainability including A ‘make do and mend’ mindset, including a leather care kit to come with your purchase to look after your products to last them longer in great condition and a Repair service which looks at sending back your worn out or damaged collars to be repaired at a much smaller cost.

Seldom Found uses only Eco-leather that has been vegetable tanned using zero harmful Chrome toxins which is unfortunately still used in the majority of leather today which is harmful to human and animal health and the Earth.

Vegetable tan leather is Recyclable as it does not use harmful toxins. Therefore it is natural and ecologic.

50% less water is used in the production of vegetable tanned leather compared to other leathers making a far less impact on wastage on the industry.

Vegetable leather lasts longer, takes longer to produce and a slow mindful process, is healthier all to use, better quality than other leather, better for nature and ages beautifully.

We use leather destined for wastage, we never use leather of animals produced for their skins. We only use leather destined for wastage as a by product to consumption.

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Cheryl Sykes

After working for years in the textile industry, I refocused my path to my real passion: my love of working with my hands, creating something from start to finish, looking at the finer details and using beautiful sustainable materials to create design that lasts, opposing the fast paced design of the industry as a whole.

I wanted Seldom Found to foster a personal approac to design and making, sourcing the most sustainable and eco materials. Every product is made with care, by one person start to finish.


Seldom Found
Sighthound Dog Collars - Aritsan


Seldom Found
Dog Lead - Artisan


Seldom Found
Dog Collars - Aritsan


Our Story

British. Not Brit-ish. Meeting the H+S Standard.

All our partners agree to adhere to and uphold these standards for all products. If a product doesn’t meet the Standard, it’s not listed. Simple.

About us The H+S Standard


We’re proud to uphold the reputation for quality and ethical standards that ‘British Made’ implies.


We get really excited when our makers have sustainability at their heart. We love things that are made to last.

Support local

We are here to support our community. We reinvest back into the business so we can assist collaborations and keep telling our maker’s stories.