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Moon and Dusk

Hi! I am Keeley, the designer and maker behind all the jewellery here at Moon and Dusk. I work solo out of my studio in central Scotland, so everything you see here has been lovingly and painstakingly designed, crafted, formed, and finished by me.
As a busy mum of two, I appreciate the need for every day jewellery to be comfortable, wearable and versatile. You need pieces that are going to fit in with your current collection,  that you can wear and look fabulous but also forget you even have on. I try to endeavour to use this as a foundation to my jewellery designs, to provide you with pieces you love to wear without faff or hassle. My aim is to make beautiful jewellery you love to wear because it looks pretty and also feels comfortable.
I create my pieces using mostly Sterling Silver, and a combination of traditional silversmithing techniques along side more modern methods (such as silver clay). I also love adding little pops of colour with gemstones, some of my favourites are amazonite, rose quartz and agate.
You will notice my store is stocked with some of your favourite designs but I also like to add in a few one off pieces here and there, so you have the opportunity to grab yourself something unique and a bit special. Speaking of things that are a bit special, if you ever need anything gift wrapped, I am happy to do this at no additional cost. All you need to do is let me know using the ‘Ask a Question’ button.
I hope you have fun looking through my shop and find something you like. If you have any other questions just send me a message on that same ‘Ask a Question’ button and I will get back to you asap.
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