Gaucho Ninja

Gaucho Ninja

Barefoot shoes

Made by hand in Herefordshire, UK

At Gaucho Ninja we make barefoot shoes
that you will never want to take off
that are good for your health,
look good
and are incredibly crafted.

We design minimalist footwear that is ethical, sustainable.
Made by hand in England by skillful makers paid a fair wage.

  • Breathable, flexible, flat and wide.
  • To make you feel confortable and dressy.
  • A wide selection of exclusive traditional Veg Tan leathers from the UK and Spain.
  • Ethically made and with materials that are fully traceable to source.
  • Some of the shoes are made with 100% British made materials.
  • Bespoke shoes with tailor made 3D printed shoe lasts to fit your feet.
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