Elizabeth Evadney

Elizabeth Evadney

Elizabeth Evadney is a premium children's clothing & accessories brand for ages 6 months to 6 years. Each item is lovingly handmade to order with impeccable craftsmanship by brand owner and fourth generation sewist Amber, using high quality cotton or linen fabrics.

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Navy Gingham Dress Navy Gingham Dress
Elizabeth Evadney
Navy Gingham Dress

£26.99 - £27.99

Beige OEKO-TEX® Linen Top Beige OEKO-TEX® Linen Top
Elizabeth Evadney
Beige OEKO-TEX® Linen Top

£19.99 - £22.99

Chestnut Needlecord Top Chestnut Needlecord Top
Elizabeth Evadney
Chestnut Needlecord Top

£16.99 - £18.99

Navy Daisy Needlecord Bloomers Navy Daisy Needlecord Bloomers
Elizabeth Evadney
Navy Daisy Needlecord Bloomers


Chestnut Needlecord Dress Chestnut Needlecord Dress
Elizabeth Evadney
Chestnut Needlecord Dress

£28.99 - £29.99

Dark Brown Corduroy Bloomers Dark Brown Corduroy Bloomers
Elizabeth Evadney
Dark Brown Corduroy Bloomers


Dark Brown Corduroy Dungarees Dark Brown Corduroy Dungarees
Elizabeth Evadney
Dark Brown Corduroy Dungarees

£27.99 - £28.99

Tassel Leather Bag Tassel Leather Bag
Elizabeth Evadney
Tassel Leather Bag


Navy Daisy Needlecord Dungarees Navy Daisy Needlecord Dungarees
Elizabeth Evadney
Navy Daisy Needlecord Dungarees


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