Brabourne Vineyard

Brabourne Vineyard

We have two acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes planted in 2014, all tended by hand to ensure perfect grapes for high end wine. We planted with champagne method English sparkling wine in mind but a favourable climate and wonderful terroir means we've now started producing a couple of different wines each year, including a still rose. At harvest time, we put the call out for help and now have a group of loyal pickers from the village and around who have been with us since our first harvest in 2017.

Our wine is produced for us by Oxney vineyard in East Sussex. With a modern winery and a talented wine maker, they transform our grapes into the very best wines.

Finally, we bring the finished wine back to Brabourne to sell - mostly directly to consumers.

We welcome visitors to our vineyard. We love to share our beautiful, tranquil location with small groups and it helps remind us just how lucky we are so if you are in this neck of the woods, do give us a call!

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Meet the Maker

Hester Fenwick

As a small, family run vineyard, all of our vines are lovingly tended by hand. Growing mostly Pinot Noir grapes with just a few rows of Chardonnay, we focus only on premium wines.

With just over two acres of land under vine, we are able to tend all the vines personally. Our vines were planted in 2014 with the first harvest in 2017 followed by a bumper crop in 2018. Our grapes are all hand picked by friends and family, carefully selecting only the best for wine.


Brabourne Classic Cuvée 2018 Brabourne Classic Cuvée 2018
Brabourne Vineyard
Brabourne Classic Cuvée 2018

£33.00 - £198.00

2017 Blanc de Noirs 2017 Blanc de Noirs
Brabourne Vineyard
2017 Blanc de Noirs

£33.00 - £188.00

2020 English Pinot Noir Still Rose 2020 English Pinot Noir Still Rose
Brabourne Vineyard
2020 English Pinot Noir Still Rose

£15.00 - £85.00

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