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Hope and Story The Online British Marketplace for British Made Brands

Hello, welcome to Hope and Story, the online marketplace for British made brands with ethics, sustainability and quality at their heart. 

How it all started...

Hi, Betsy here, founder of Hope and Story. It’ll be no surprise when I say that 2020 changed everything. For me, my business, for British industry – and I daresay, for you too. But where some only saw challenges we saw an opportunity to rewrite some rules.

When shopping for a birthday present for my daughter last year, I wanted to support local businesses who were making quality products in the UK but was surprised by how difficult it was to hunt them down. After a little digging, I realised that this issue existed no matter what I was trying to buy – be it homeware, lifestyle products, cosmetics, fashion, you name it; more often than not UK products are not the easiest to find online but are of the highest quality and beautifully made. 

Hope and Story is an online destination for conscious consumers looking for British Made products and brands with ethics, sustainability and quality at their heart. However, we exist to be more than just a marketplace. 

I am passionate about supporting British Makers and championing the beautiful products they have put their blood sweat and tears into creating. We aim to redefine ‘British Made’, support our makers and champion our community – for the prosperity of all.

The Hope and Story Shop

We only sell things on Hope and Story that we ourselves want to buy. Our team selects Homeware, Fashion and Lifestyle products that we think will make you say ‘Ooooh I want that’. Think of it as us, sifting through the clutter in a beautiful antiques shop, uncovering only the really good stuff for you to choose from.

Hope & Story Maker

Browse the shop and if you have any feedback for us, we would love to hear It (it’s the best way that we can improve our service)

Redefining the standard

Hope & Story Standard

It’s surprising to know that unlike our foods, most other goods don’t have to live up to the same standards when it comes to their provenance. 

And while ‘British’ suggests quality this isn’t always the case. 
That’s why we’ve defined our own H+S standard: 

  • a standard to help us connect with other like-minded businesses
  • a standard for consumers to get behind and support
  • a standard that brands and businesses will want to be a part of

  • Our definition: if the items are predominantly treated or manufactured in the UK, or the majority of their sustainable core materials originate from here, they meet the H+S standard.

    Be part of the story

    Our website has just launched and we already have a fantastic selection of brands on board. As we grow, we are looking for more British Made brands to champion and partner with – if you are interested or know someone that might be then please, get in touch. 

    Are you, or do you know of any great British brands or makers? Find out more about joining the community here.

    Betsy Vickery, Founder