Team Favourites: The Green Edit

Team Favourites: The Green Edit

Welcome to Hope and Story’s Team Favourite’s Series, where we get together and shout about our favourite products.


At Hope and Story, one of our core values is to be Eco-loving. Many of our wonderful brands are eco conscious, they care about the planet, use recycled and reused materials and put sustainability first. All the products on Hope and Story are made here in the UK, this means, by shopping here you are having a positive impact on the earths carbon footprint. Just remember, its trendy to be green.

This month the team have got together this week to talk about their favourite green products.


Lizzy – Director



‘I was lucky to wear this unique little ring for our recent photoshoot. With its raw emerald centre set on a yellow gold band it harks back to ancient finds. It feels timeless and special but in a subtle and quiet way. As with all the pieces from ‘Hearts of Stars’, it is an original and beautifully made tiny piece of art.’


Grace – Digital Marketing Team



‘I absolutely love the detachable collars by 'Mustard Monday'. The 'William Morris Floral V&A Detachable Collar in Green' is quirky, cute and is sure to add a retro vibe to your wardrobe. It is very versatile, it can be worn over T-shirts, dresses or cardigans making it the perfect fashion accessory.’


Ellie – Digital Marketing Team



‘My team favourite is the ‘Green Onyx Talisman Ring’ from the 'Ellen & Me'. Following with the theme of the emerald birthstone, this ring has always stood out to me with how elegant and detailed it is. Jewellery and rings have always been an essential to any outfit whether its casual, glamorous, or smart, and I love how such a small piece of jewellery can have a statement effect to any look. This ring is a statement piece to anyone’s jewellery collection which you can also pair with matching earrings and a necklace.’

Saffy – Account Manager



‘So Timeless! Green is a perfect transition colour for the spring and summer seasons. This 'Hoxton Clutch in Rainforest Green' is so minimal and modern… use night or day! And perfect to throw into your holiday luggage for a summer get away.’


Here at Hope and Story we are a small team who are diverse in age, lifestyle, and interests, but we do have one thing in common…we love to shop! We hope we have inspired you to go and treat yourself or someone you love to something nice, something made right here in Great Britain!