What is Provenance? 


Provenance is a word used to describe an items place of origin. It is commonly used in the world of art and literature to distinguish a record of ownership. The word provenance can also be used when describing the origin of foods, for example, where it was grown or where it was caught.

In a world where fast fashion is becoming such a huge issue, it is important to look a little further into where your products are really coming from and where you are shopping. Hope and Story is an online destination for conscious consumers to shop British made products. Follow us as we discover just some of the ways our brands are crafting their products, which materials they are using and where they have been sourced from.


British Born Fashion


So why is it important to talk about provenance when shopping for clothing? It is important because we are all on a mission to become more conscious shoppers! As much as we British like a bargain, we also don’t want to fund the world of fast fashion and support the terrible working conditions in sweatshops. Instead, we want to source timeless pieces that will hold the test of time. There are many products that are made using interesting and sustainable materials, made by hand and made by order and delivered straight from the studio to your home.



The 'Norma Handbag in Mocha Brown' is inspired by a nineties bag bought for Karen by Norma herself. The statement strap hoops give this classic shape a modern but understated update. 'Taylor Yates' expertly handcraft these bags in Somerset from super soft, durable and light-weight British leather normally reserved for gloves.



This eye-catching 'Action Blouse' is created using Silk Tencel. 32% Silk, 68% Tencel (regenerated, sustainably grown wood cellulose). This Fabric looks and feels like 100% Silk . The founder of ‘Gung Ho’, is Sophie Dunster, she hand draws the illustrations that represent current issues of the world, these designs are then printed in Gloucestershire and hand made into garments in London.


The 'Mellor ll - Natural' shoes, created by ‘Goral and Son’ are produced entirely on British soil by the team of acclaimed master craftsmen. This family-owned business produces handmade, made to order shoes from the workshop based in Sheffield. Most of the components are sourced locally to support the British industry, from Charles F Steads, renowned tannery in Leeds to FSC Certified packaging in Northampton.


British Born Homewares


As a nation, we are obsessed with interior design and making our houses, homes. It can be very tempting to purchase cheap, mass-produced furniture which will need to be replaced a year or so down the line. By purchasing a British made, sturdy, standout piece of furniture, you can be sure that you are truly investing in your home.  


These intricate designs are designed by Beatrice Larkin herself in her East London studio. 'Beatrice Larkin' uses highly skilled manufactures to then evolve these designs into finished products. The fabrics are woven in small runs at a jacquard mill in Lancashire, they are then washed and finished in the Yorkshire Dales. This light weight ‘Merino Jacquard Point Throw’ works all year round in your home whether it is placed at the end of a bed or draped over an armchair.


This statement 'Go Solo Bench' is uniquely handcrafted and upholstered in fabulous fabric from one of England’s oldest Mills in Yorkshire. The wood is FSC certified, and the legs are both designed and hand turned in Manchester. ‘Twisted Loom’, founded by ‘Charlotte Cochrane’ aim to create limited edition, premium quality pieces.


British Born Food and Drink


We already discuss food provenance more than we probably realise. When we shop in the supermarkets, we wonder where the food is sourced from and when we shop in farm shops, we feel pleased to know we are consuming locally grown produce. There is nothing tastier than when you enjoy food right from its origin, a classic British pork pie from the town of Melton Mowbray, a hearty slice of Bara Brith in Wales or a sumptuous scone in sunny Devon. There can be some very interesting stories behind food, and we are here to share some of those…


'The Great British Porridge Co' use the best British wholegrain oats and handmake all porridge mixes in their commercial kitchen on the Sussex coast. The 'Strawberry and Peanut Butter Porridge Sachets' is proof that strawberries and peanut butter is true match made in heaven.


Elemental Cornish Gin’ use the traditional methods and make small batches to ensure only the smoothest heart of the distillate makes it into the gin. Their one-shot distillation method means that other than the addition of spring water, the gin comes out of the still exactly as it comes to you. Elemental Gin is 42% alcohol, the rest is spring water which is sourced from natural Cornish spring water from Bodmin Moors. The ‘Classic Cornish Gin’ is a very popular choice for consumers.


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