Meet the Maker: Wild Rising Skincare

Meet the Maker: Wild Rising Skincare

Welcome to Hope and Story's Meet the Maker Series, where we chat with some of the people behind our favourite independent British brands.


Wild Rising Skincare

I chatted with the wonderful Danielle from Wild Rising Skincare and got to know a little bit more about her company. I managed to drag her away from doing what she loves for half an hour to answer my questions on sustainability, future plans, manufacturing and lots more....


For anyone who is not familiar with your brand, tell us a little bit about Wild Rising Skincare...

My name is Danielle and I am the founder of Wild Rising Skincare. This business is all about natural, organic, and skin-loving ingredients. I use only the finest organic, cold-pressed, and steam-distilled carrier oils, butters, essential oils, and botanical herbs in every skincare and bath product.


Where did the name ‘Wild Rising Skincare’ come from? 

I see Wild Rising as an extension of myself, a brand that I will use to disrupt outdated ideologies regarding what it means to be a woman, and a brand that promotes empowerment for all. Therefore I wanted a name that reflected this.

Wild meaning natural, wild meaning being connected to one’s instincts, being connected to one's' deepest soul.

Rise up, let out a roar and step into your true authentic self, revealing all of you, unapologetically

Rise up to the vibration where you stand confidently in your power and attract what you desire.


Can you talk us through what happens on your end, whereabouts in Britain are your products made? What happens from there?

From formulation to manufacturing, the business is run solely from my home studio in Torquay, Devon. 


How important is it for you that your products are manufactured here in Britain?  

I feel that this is very important to ensure the quality of my products. As I’ve mentioned, I hand-make and label each product myself, everything is done in-house and that’s the way I like it.

I have no plans to outsource the manufacturing process but if this were to change in the future, it would most certainly be outsourced to a British company.


When was Wild Rising Skincare born? And how has it progressed from then to now?

Wild Rising was born in early 2020. During the first Coronavirus lockdown, I was really able to put all my focus into the business. I had already made products for my own skin which was completely self-taught and came from my interest in clean and natural products.

My friends and family then started using them and soon enough I found myself designing a logo. I had no plans to start a business, it happened organically.

Fast forward two years and I now have a collection of over 20 individual products including face oils, clay face masks, cleansers, toners, and much more.


Are you currently working on any new products you would like to tell us about? 

Yes, I am! A new product is set to launch in Spring 2023. This product is a little different from what our Wild Risers know and love, but it moves Wild Rising into another beauty sector which I am very excited about.


What does the future hold for Wild Rising Skincare? 

I will continue to expand my range of products on offer, whilst working to increase stockists both in the UK and Internationally. Another goal is to have premises where I can formulate from as well as have a shop front.


What made you decide to work with Hope and Story? 

I fell in love with Hope and Story ethics and what they were doing by championing and supporting British makers and therefore helping to boost the UK economy.


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