Healthy Living: Self-Care September

Healthy Living: Self-Care September

The Importance of Self-Care!

In modern life, the hustle and bustle of the world takes over our days. 24 hours is hardly enough time for us to take care of everything. Think about it… Education, socialising, daily routines, working and seeing loved ones are without question, very important for each and every one of us. However, sometimes we are so busy taking care of these things that we end up forgetting about the most important thing: ourselves.

Self-care is the act of being kind to yourself and listening to your wants and needs. It’s the practice of not comparing yourself to others and the art of being content with who you are and what you are. This may seem like common knowledge, but we often need a self-care month in order to realise and learn how important self-care really is.

In a world that has convinced us that there is no time or place for us to take the time to focus and act on ourselves, it isn’t hard to come to terms with why people may associate looking after yourself as selfish or being a ‘lazy’ person. From articles to Instagram, it now looks as if self-care is going to the spa or buying your favourite items… this isn’t wrong, but doing this is so much more than just listening and catering to your materialistic and relaxation needs. Caring for ourselves is about making you, feel good, about you.

Here are a few things we believe could help you with your self-care…


Face and Body Care Essentials 

Dedicated to repairing, protecting, and nourishing the skin the Whisper Face Organic Oil from Elan Skincare is deeply relaxing and uplifting. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry or combination skin. The perfect addition for your skincare routine.



Designed for post workouts or an early morning wakeups, the Detox Muscle Scrub from Amor Sui contains a blend of natural ingredients widely used to ease aching muscles and soften skin. This will give you the feeling of soft skin and feeling healthy – an essential for making you feel your best.


Its so important that you’re always hydrating your skin. Just like you need water every day, it’s a key ingredient to you feeling your best and keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy. The Body Food Trio by Naturally Tribal Skincare has a selection of body creams to keep your skin glowing throughout the day.


Hair Must Haves

There is no better feeling that freshly washed hair. This Wash Day Set from Kiya Cosmetics is what will be the perfect pamper treatment for you. Containing Kiya's Hair Growth Oil, the Nourishing Black Soap Shampoo, the Deep Conditioner, and the Leave-In conditioner, this will leave you feeling clean and fresh. These products are a must for any pamper day or weekly routine.


This weightless, soothing, and refreshing Scalp Elixir from Ethereal Hair and Skincare is made from 100% organic ingredients. It is a nourishing and hydrating scalp energiser that stimulates blood supply to the scalp to encourage a healthy scalp environment and optimum hair growth.


These Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Sets from The Natural Spa Cosmetics are an essential for your shower. Coming in multiple scents and packaging you can choose the perfect bar for you. These will leave your hair feeling silky soft and fresh as well as making your hairs scent last throughout the day.


Your Gut Health Needs

In order to relax you need to feel your best inside. Your gut health is a key part of you feeling your fittest and healthiest. The Balance Tea from Forager Health will do exactly this. A floral blend packed full of Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. This blend is designed to help balance and regulate hormones.


Ginger and lemongrass gives you many benefits some of these being treating nausea, anxiety and inflammation. The Ginger and Lemongrass Tea from Nemi Teas is the perfect refreshment to help calm your senses and re-boost your gut health. Perfect for when you take your time out to relax and recharge.


Everyone knows that Ginger and Turmeric Shots are amazing for your health and should be a regular practice to many people. Helping with weight loss, nausea, blood sugar regulation and improving your memory these Ginger and Turmeric Shots from Fighter Shots should be an essential to your morning routine.


Your body deserves the time and effort that you give to others. For more ways to treat yourself in Self-Care September, shop our Lifestyle Collection today. You deserve it!