Father's Day

Father's Day


Father's Day is just around the corner..


It’s always on the third Sunday of June (in case you have trouble remembering), making it on the 19th this year. It’s a day that’s all about honouring the special male role models in our life, and a day that so many of us get a massive amount of joy from, but how did it all start?



Unlike Mother’s Day, which is a traditional Christian holiday here in the UK, the premise behind Father’s Day is a lot more modern. It also took a lot longer to become acknowledged. We actually followed America in celebrating Father’s Day, so when the date was set we followed suit.

 A lady called Sonora Smart Dodd, from Washington, is most often credited with being the founder of Father’s Day, in 1910. She was one of six children raised by a widower and was upset by the fact there was a Mother’s Day, but no corresponding day for fathers. Her campaign successfully led to Washington state celebrating the first Fathers Day in 1910. However, it wasn’t until 1966, when president Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation, that Fathers Day was officially recognised across the USA. In 1972 Richard Nixon declared it a national holiday, and by this point, here in Britain we were already celebrating it.



Father’s Day is about spending time with those special men in our lives, whether it's an overdue visit home, or a special meal out. However you choose to celebrate, it’s important that you choose the right gift. We have a fantastic range of British made products that would make the perfect present for the dad in your life. The old favourites are favourites for good reason. But buying a traditional gift doesn’t mean it has to be run of the mill. Here are some lovely products from some of our fabulous British makers that follow this conventional form yet are brilliantly unique and original:



The main event, a card is one of the staple gifts for Fathers Day. From the days when you made them in school, to when you were too skint to buy anything else, a card is a small token of appreciation that every dad loves. Printed on luxury eco-friendly card, this Father's Day card is from Greenwich Paper Studio.



A tie is one of the most popular gift choices here in Britain, and its certainly very traditional. You can never have too many. Its practical and a gift that every dad can appreciate – there's always going to be an occasion when a tie is needed. This Liberty Print tie from Alistair R is handstitched and made from fine crease resistant Liberty Lawn cotton fabric.



What is it with dads and socks? They love getting them and we love giving them. Another safe, practical gift that doesn’t have to be dull. Everyone appreciates a quality pair of comfy long lasting socks to keep their feet warm and dry and these Lauderdale Alpaca socks by Teddy Edwards are just the thing. Hardwearing and durable socks that are unrivalled in both softness and comfort.




A proper, good quality wallet is something that every man can appreciate. A stylish gift that he can carry everywhere. This classic wallet from Gaucho Ninja is elegant, practical, durable and handcrafted to perfection.



 A gift that can be cracked open and shared between parent and child (providing that child is also an adult!). You can't go wrong with a decent bottle of British made wine. This Bacchus 2020 comes from The Wharie Winery in the New Forest.


We don't think there would be many fathers who wouldn't be happy with this Solid Belgian Caramel Milk Chocolate Big Bar from the Solid Chocolate Co. Half a kilo of some very special and decadent chocolate for those with a sweet tooth.



Hopefully this has inspired you. Check out our full Father's Day collection here.