Jewellery has been a part of mankind since before history was written..


Early humans would use animal hide, horns, shells, beads and pebbles to make pieces to show status, carry symbolic meaning and attract mates. Although the materials we use have changed somewhat, the reasons we wear jewellery are, in many ways, still the same. Be it casual date wear or formal office attire, adding the right accessory can compliment and complete your look. Nothing is quite as symbolic as a piece of jewellery – the colours, shapes and designs you choose really reflect your identity. What you wear is what you are, so don’t be a slave to trends. It’s never a good idea to slavishly follow fashion at the expense of your own taste and personality as you’ll end up losing yourself. We’re all different and your personality should be allowed to shine through in the jewellery you choose. At Hope and Story we stand against mass production and consumerism and champion craftmanship and individuality. We invest in makers that promote quality and sustainability. Everyone deserves a piece of jewellery as unique as they are and we have some truly one of a kind handmade pieces from some fantastic British designers so you can really stand out in the crowd. Redefine your style with every piece you wear.

With summer looming and the invites coming in, weddings, parties and nights out are becoming more frequent and so is the need for some good accessory inspiration! Here are some of our favourite necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings from our jewellery collection along with some useful tips;




Unless it’s a sentimental piece that you’re happy to be hidden under clothing, your necklace or pendant should be visible and it should enhance your outfit. Matching your necklace to your neckline is key. If you’ve got a low V necked outfit then a pendant sitting in the V above your cleavage will work wonders. A long necklace will look great over higher necked and crew necked clothing, and a rounded necklace is good with a scoop or other rounded necklines. Want to look taller? Add a V or Y shaped necklace. Have a cheeky round face? Wear a long dazzling dangler to shift focus to your ears that make your face appear slim. 



Crystal Quartz Ball Necklace from Heart of Stars. A gorgeous piece handmade by Jo Cooper in her Hertfordshire studio. Clear Quartz is often called the 'master healer' as it is said to be an amplifier of all healing energies. A wonderful stone to meditate with.




Kodes handcraft lightweight, bold, geometric jewellery that you won't find on the high street. Made for the modern woman to empower her to express her personality by making an accessible statement investment that won’t break the bank. This geometric acrylic pendant necklace certainly stands out. The spotty pattern effect means every necklace is completely unique, adding an extra individual touch to these handmade pieces.




Don’t forget to change your earrings! It’s very easy to wear the same pair for weeks on end. Remembering to change them is a great way to add interest and style to your daily wear. You can make changes to your look by simply wearing a variety of small studs day to day, or add some sparkle and movement with some dangly earrings, depending on your outfit. 


 Ellen&Me create unique and striking semi precious jewellery using traditional craftmanship as well as modern technology. These Pure Amethyst Oval Hoop Earrings feature hand formed elegant curves with a softly textured, velvety finish.



 Turquoise hearts from Tabitha & Thyme. Jo Waterhouse designs and makes all of her Jewellery from her Studio in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Her simple yet classic designs are influenced by the subtle tones of the coast with its pebble beaches and shades of blue sea injected with contrasting blocks of colour and metallic. 




Wrist jewellery is the perfect way to add some bling and make a statement about an outfit. Bracelets are essential to every ensemble. You can mix and match, stack, or go down the simple route and wear just one. The key is to not mix metals – this can create a sense of chaos. Also choose a bracelet that fits comfortably – not one that pinches or is at risk of falling off.


A real statement piece, this Lilly Bracelet is extremely comfortable to wear, very lightweight, and can be adjusted to sit perfectly on your wrist. Created and run by Joana Palmer, Pinah produce 'experiments to wear', where no two pieces are ever the same.



The stunning Dahlia bangle - made from layers of petals, all hand formed and soldered together with a dark blue iolite in the centre. A silver leaf nestles alongside the flower. The bangle was originally created from a real twig, cast into solid silver and immortalised forever. Based in London, Amanda Coleman Jewellery places an emphasis on craftmanship and detail - each piece is a miniature work of art.




According to the old nursery rhyme, wearing rings on your fingers (and bells on your toes!) means you’ll have music wherever you go. But what rings should you wear on which fingers? Your pinky may be the smallest of the bunch but it can often create the biggest statement. Without religious or cultural significance it is free to be styled with bold and precise details. The fourth (ring) finger is definitely the one that carries the most baggage – but what if you want to wear a something other than a wedding or engagement ring on this finger? We say go for it – choose a statement ring that couldn’t possibly be mistaken for a wedding band. The middle finger is your largest and boldest finger so style it with balanced and centred accessories. While you may want to keep the index finger clear of jewellery, wearing a statement ring here can actually create a sense of power, individuality and leadership. If you’re a multiple ring wearer, and are already styling your middle or ring finger, then wear a bigger ring on your thumb for a strong and authoritative look.



Stacking rings in particular can add a lot of versatility to your wardrobe as you can mix and match them as you please to create a slightly different look each day. You can even just choose to wear one or two simple stacking rings for a more minimalist look. This Silver Nugget Stacking Ring from Moon and Dusk is made to not only look beautiful and be comfortable to wear, but also to be as sustainable as possible. The four solid Sterling Silver nuggets are made from recycled offcuts where the silver is still high quality, but the shape or size of the metal isn’t ideal for forming into larger pieces. Keeley works solo from her studio in central Scotland and lovingly and painstakingly designs, crafts, forms and finishes every piece. 


 Lucy, founder of Love From England, makes jewellery inspired by Britain’s countryside and coastlines from her Oxfordshire studio. We love this Love Knot Twig Ring. A twig found on a woodland floor, tied in a knot and cast in silver. The continuous circle has long symbolised love – this ring is perfect as a friendship ring or commitment ring. It is handmade in Oxfordshire and carries a Birmingham hallmark. A truly unique piece.




Add some more bling to your life and check out our full jewellery collection here. Remember everything on our site is handmade in Britain and made to last.